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    Rage Against The Machine - “Killing In The Name” (1993)

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  3. Self-titled, 1992

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    Senator Clay Davis


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  6. I will never tell you your new hair color looks bad, because you need all the confidence you can get right now.





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    Manchester United 3 - AS Roma 2

    Pjanic’s goal from 50 yards out is not enough as Man U wins the friendly.


  12. I believe that age should not limit your ability to get from place to place quickly. That’s why I’m starting a new social initiative to get Rollerskates on the feet of all elderly people.

    Don’t shove, gently nudge that elderly person across the street.


  13. I don’t hate kids. I just don’t agree with their lifestyle.



  15. In middle school a girl that sat on the other side of the classroom passed a note to me that had a drawing of Goku with a question “Will you be my boyfriend? ” I wrote “yes” because she had a weird haircut and I wanted more drawings.

    As I began to walk towards her desk to hand her back the note with my response I became overcome with irrational fear and ended up walking past her desk and throwing it into the garbage.

    A year later she was moving out of state so I gave her the crumbled up paper, that I retrieved out of the garbage the year before, as a going away gift. She looked at it looked at me then threw it away.

    She was so cool.