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  2. Volleyball is life


  3. 1/3 of my friends are in a foreign country or queens, which is basically the same thing.


  4. philosoflee:

    There’s a homeless guy in the area where I work that makes sure all the other homeless people clean up after themselves. His name is Brad.

    Brad has a cellphone but he “only uses it to text and tether to his laptop”


  5. If you try to cut in front of me in a line I will inadvertently raise my arm and elbow you in the chest.

    Unless you’re bigger than me because you probably have somewhere important to go and I can be a little late for work, it’s no big deal.


  6. He said “I would like to buy this” turned to his wife and said “can I please have my wallet?” She said “no”. He sighed and said “okay dear” and left the store.

    then a solitary tear rolled down my cheek


  7. herecomestheball:

    Germany 1 - Argentina 0

    Germany wins their first World Cup title since 1990 off a beautiful goal by Mario Götze in the 113th minute. It is their fourth title and first that unified Germany has ever won (the three others having been won by West Germany).



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    just what I was looking for

    seems legit

    I’ve waited for this post my whole life

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  10. herecomestheball:

    Argentina 0 (4) - Netherlands 0 (2)

    Sergio Romero comes up big and stops two shots in the penalty kicks as Argentina moves on to the final where they will face Germany. The Netherlands will play Brazil for Third Place on Saturday.


  11. thotjacket:

    So apparently you CAN forget how to ride a bike, facts

    I’ve been trying raise awareness about this for years.


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  13. philosoflee:

    Marriages should be contractual agreements that you can choose to extend every 3-5 years.


  14. herecomestheball:

    Germany 7 - Brazil 1


  15. The thing about calling someone a bitch is that you don’t have to wait too long to find out if that person is indeed a bitch.