1. The only thing worse than someone in the subway playing the guitar for money is someone in the subway playing a guitar they found for money.


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  3. The day my father died was the day I learned to fear. But fear does not define us. Our courage to fight back does. 
    I’ve seen Steelheart bleed. 
    And I will see him bleed again. 
    — Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

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  4. 10 years ago

    "Mom! There’s a spider in my room"

    "Um, that’s nice"

    "Do you want to see it?"

    "No! I’m fine!"

    "It’s okay mom I’ll bring it to you"



  5. gabracadabra:

    Out of all the trips to different states I have made in my twenty years of life, 33% of them occurred this weekend alone.

    The East Coast is strange and small.

    I prefer compact.




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    I may not be tall, but boy am I slow.


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    Kiril Lazarov & Dejan Manaskov (Macedonia vs Greece)

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    He is the best! :D



  12. Cause I can see the future
    She just too medieval
    Don’t like change or nothin
    She don’t change for no one
    So Ima change for both us
    Put my crown on, claim it
    I can see the future
    I can bend and tame it
    Put you on this magic
    Teach yo ass the language
    I can see the future
    I can bend and tame it


  13. slippin, fallin, can’t get up



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    Video Game Minimalist Art Prints: Part 2 - Created by Joseph Harrold

    Prints are available at his Etsy Shop. You can check out Part 1 in our previous feature of his designs here.

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